Something Familiar is a jewelry label created by Siriane Hunia, launched in the beginning of 2015.

The collection is handmade in The Netherlands, with high quality materials.

Something Familiar is a continuous collection. This over the time growing collection of timeless items is created next to her freelance styling work.

Siriane Hunia (1981) graduated at the department Identity from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and has been working in fashion since.

“I like to explore material and basic form by looking, touching, experimenting. To me, creating is like playing. Concentrated but unconditioned. Opening things up so that objects, materials industrial or everyday, loose their function, and gain a new presence. Or just stand in wonder about what nature gives. Sometimes you only have to be there and take notice.

I've always been fascinated by the things we choose to keep close to ourselves.

I like things raw and unpolished yet refined and elusive. But these are just words that come to nothing without that final ingredient; something special, something familiar.

The more personal you make things the more universal it becomes. Strange but true.”

Siriane wishes to thank her parents and all the friends, fellow artist that inspire and touch her life daily.